How to join our Mumble Server!

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We do have a Mumble server! We'll likely change to a self-hosted solution later on, resulting in an address change, but this will do for now. Here are a few basic steps to get started!

We're going to assume that the setup wizard will take care of setting up most of Mumble with you. The only thing we recommend when first setting up Mumble is using the "Create a new certificate" setting with creating your certificate, and following that wizard. This just makes changing computers and reinstalling your operating system easier for you because you can just copy the certificate. It's basically an ID card, but for Mumble, and it will log you in to the server.

One Mumble is set up, you will have to add a server. Adding a server is simply done by using the Server > Connect dropdown. On that screen, you will want to click "Add New..." Below are the setting you'll want to use.

  • Label: LOUN
  • Address:
  • Port: 30000
  • Username: (Your username...)

Once you have the server added to your server list, click on it and click "Connect". The first time you connect, you might want to register with the server. This is done by using the Self > Register dropdown. After that, you're all set! To change rooms, simply click on the one you'd like to join. You can mute and deafen yourself using the microphone and headset icons at the top of your screen. It never hurts to go through your settings via the Configure > Settings dropdown, so we'd encourage that you do.

It's understandable that you might want to change the look and feel of Mumble. That is done in the "User Interface" tab in your settings. Layout can be edited however you'd like using the Custom option if you don't like the presets. You might also want to check out some of the skins available through the Mumble Wiki here:

After that, you're all set and ready to use Mumble with us! Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have! We'll see you on the server!